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Understanding the differences between Analogue and Digital tracks ...
1. Analogue tracks allow only one car on each lane. Thus, a 2 lane set will run only 2 cars.
2. Digital tracks allow multiple cars on any number of lanes at the same time.
3. The MrTrax Hybrid system (incorporating Carrera digital) allows a maximum of 8 cars on any track.

4. A maximum of 6 cars can be operated by users. Whilst the balance can be programmed as "Ghost Cars" (autonomous cars).
5. The MrTrax Hybrid+ (Hybrid plus) is a complete system that can run either Analogue or Digital by flicking a switch.
6. The are so many extra features with digital systems. 
Such as, Re-fuelling, Pit lane, Weather simulation, Pace car, App connectivity, and loads more.

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