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MT-BROCHURE MrTrax Product range

MT-BROCHURE MrTrax Product range


This download produces the front and back of our 2023 tri-fold brochure.

The MrTrax Modular Track systems offer a wide range of options for slot car enthusiasts. With 2 lanes, 4 lanes, Speedway ovals, 6-car digital systems, and Commercial size tracks for businesses. There is something for everyone. The latest Hybrid+ system allows for both analogue and digital cars to run on the same track alternatively, providing even more flexibility. Mix and match analogue and digital track modules to create a layout that suits your needs. Whether it's a modest setup or something more ambitious. Dowload the MT-BROCHURE Modular Track systems for endless racing possibilities.

What is not included on the brochure is obviously the range of custom tracks we have made over the years. If your keen on a specific design. Call us first on 03-9796-3830 and chat with Peter about your ideal racetrack. Or send an email to

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Pricing may change without notice.

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