Due to the current Corona Virus restrictions. It is necessary to phone ahead and make a booking. As we can only have a maximum of 20 customers in the shop at any one time!

You can also place a booking by email - Click Here!

Group Bookings

If you are planning on a family or group get together, you can hire a whole Race track for a minimum 30 minutes. We'll even set up a race for you, with your names appearing on the race screen.

We recommend that you come in a group of at least 8 or more for the 6 lane track. And at least 10 or more for the 8 lane track. Then you'll have some extra people to Marshall the corners (put cars back on the track) on a rotation basis.

Now get ready! The checkered flag comes down, GO!!! The heart starts pumping, the adrenaline is flowing out of control, but your in front, OMG! Carnage behind you! But all you can focus on is that big finale crossing the line first. You're a winner! Congratulations. (Don't forget all the way home in the car, you've earned the bragging rights)


$    75.00 -30 min's -6 Lane track

$ 150.00 -60 min's -6 Lane track

$ 100.00 -30 min's -8 Lane track

$ 200.00 -60 min's -8 Lane track

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