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 Once you have placed all of your future realeases into an Empty Cart. Follow these simple steps...

1. Head over to your cart.

2. Select "Future Release" in the shipping window.

3. Next, hit "Checkout"

4. Enter your shipping address and click "Save this Address" for your next order.

5. In the "Delivery Method" section you can once again confirm the delivery method.

6. We offer FREE Aust Post Standard shipping for 1/32 scale cars only. But only if you select "Future Release ONLY"

7. All other shipping/delivery options are charged at normal rates.

8. Hit "Continue" then select "Manual Payment"

Success - We haven't charged you and you get FREE shipping within Australia and will not be charged until the items become available.

When we are ready to ship, you'll be invoiced.

Payment will be required within 7 days

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