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Thursday morning legends racing

Calling all Slotcar legends!

If you or someone you know is retired and looking for an exciting Thursday morning activity, look no further. Our group of enthusiastic individuals gathers regularly to indulge in the thrill of Slotcar racing. Whether it's you, your dad, mum, or grandpa, we invite you to join us for a great time filled with laughter and enjoyment. So, dust off your Slotcars, ignite your enthusiasm, and get ready for an unforgettable experience. Come check us out and become part of the fun! All this for only $12!

Stay for a light lunch and drink and talk over all your thrills and crashes.

If you don't have a slot car, you can hire or buy one to get started.


We alternate 3 of these 1/24 classes every 6-8 weeks

GTC flexi cars

The all-time favourite Flexi car. They're super quick and handle great. It's a class where we can change the body style.

Slotworx Le Mans class

Another great class added to the Thursday night racing calendar are these beauties.

FJ Class

The Apendix J class is a favourite amongst the traditional crowd. 

FJ's, Fiats, EH's, XY's, Jaguars and many more scratch built cars will fit into this category.

Slotworx V8 Supercars

The Aussie made Slotworx V8.

It's a superb handling steel chassis with an Aussie V8 Ford or Holden Body.

Our service Tech can help you set up your V8 car. Or if you're up to it? You can paint the clear lexan body yourself.

Slotworx Porsche GT3

Another class is the Aussie made Slotworx Porsche GT3. It's a nimble handling slot car and raced at National level.

New Racers and Spectators Welcome.

Call 03-9796-3830 for a spot on Thursday Night.

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