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Get in early and order a drink

and a hot meal from Deb's

Licensed Cafe'

Tonight it's all about 1:24 Scale Racing. The first class is the Aussie made Slotworx V8. It's a superb handling steel chassis with an Aussie V8 Ford or Holden Body. Our service Tech and slot car guru, Peter D. can replicate almost any current and/or retro style V8 car. Or if you're up to it? You can paint the clear lexan body yourself. These cars are raced on our main 40 metre track upstairs.

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During your Pit Stop, grab an Espresso Coffee or a coldie from our Licensed Cafe'

The next 1:24 scale class is again another Aussie made Slotworx Porsche GT3. It's a nimble handling slot car with a Porsche GT3 Body. Once again, Peter D. can replicate a livery or paint to your specifications. Both Slotworx cars are currently raced at National level

New Racers and Spectators Welcome.