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MT-C-HCCP+ Hybrid Carrera Controller Panel. Digital and analogue option

MT-C-HCCP+ Hybrid Carrera Controller Panel. Digital and analogue option

PriceFrom AU$469.00

This Hybrid+ Carrera Controller Panel can be added to your existing Carrera digital slot car track. For the added benefit of switching between running your analogue cars and Carrera digital cars.

It comes with the Carrera console mounted into the panel and wired to a Carrera Start/Finish straight with 2 metres of cable. A toggle switch mounted in the front of the panel allows you to switch between analogue mode and Carrera digital. It also has holders for 6 controllers.

It's easy. Just insert the Start/Finish track section into your circuit, plug your Carrera power supply into the Carrera console and go! Be sure there is no other controller console left in your track layout. As this will cause damage to the new Console.

Note: You will also have to remove any "jumper wires" under the "corner single lane changes", if you have themin your layout. This is necessary to isolate each lane separately to run in analogue mode. 

So, if you have an existing Carrera analogue track? By adding this HCCP+ panel, you can now experience both worlds on your Carrera track. Obviously, you will need to add lane change track sections to experience true digital racing. They are available here on our website.

There is also a 90cm long analogue power supply lead behind the panel. This lead can be plugged into an external power supply like our Hop Wo Int #1288 variable Power Supply to run your analogue cars at a different voltage. Or, plugged into the Carrera power supply via the sockets provided behind the panel, to run only off the Carrera power supply.

We can also save you money by sending us your Carrera console and Start/Finish straight and let us modify and install it into the panel. Once bench tested and operating 100%, we'll ship it off to you. There is no warranty on this procedure using your used console.

You can always call our shop on 03-9796-3830 to discuss your needs. We're happy to help you 10am-5pm Tuesday-Saturday.

Please note: The photos showing controllers/accessories are for demonstration purposes only. And are NOT included.


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  • Review

    12/12/2022 Rod (Sale, Vic.) 

    Hi Peter, just a quick note to say I installed the MrTrax Hybrid + and it works perfectly. I'm so happy with the results of being able to switch from Digital to Analogue at the flick of a switch. Awesome product.

    Cheers Rod

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