Parties at your place

What a fantastic idea for your next birthday party. Let us deliver a Mobile Track right to your home, packed with fun and thrills for the whole family including the Mums and Dads. Even children as young as 5 years can race. And while you’re racing, all the action is monitored by the on-board computer system as our racing host assists your race guests.

Our birthday parties prices start at $195.00 for the 1st hour, with a charge of $65 for each 30 minutes thereafter. Depending on location a delivery fee may apply. Plus some locations require a minimum 1.5 hour booking.  These prices are for domestic/family bookings only. 

The space required for our 4 lane track when set up is 2.1m x 5.2m (this can be extended in some venues).

It will fit into most double garage's or carports. Because it is permanently mounted on a trailer, it CANNOT go up steps. We require at least a 2.1m door way and straight line access to fit inside any building. 

A minimum $50 non-refundable deposit is all it takes to secure your booking. 


Give us a call or email your details and let us work out a deal.

Due to government restrictions we cannot yet hold parties at your home

We will update this as soon a we hear otherwise


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