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MrTrax: John added a CDXXP digital section to convert a 4 Lane track into a 2 lane, 6 car digital system with pit lane...

John: As for integration into

an existing analogue track this Hybrid+ system is flawless, even for this old OCD worry wort. As far as sales, service and all that other business jazz, you are covered 100% by Peter and his brilliant team.

John Clinch

The Mr Trax system really does live up to the hype. It is the superior wood surface to race on, the magna-braid, the spacing, the grip and the super-flat surface is a just amazing. If you are thinking about getting one of these tracks DO NOT HESITATE! 

(I am not affiliated in any way, I just love these tracks)

Logan Smith

Great news that you will be delivering the tracks, etc –

I am really looking forward to meeting you and to personally thank you for your great products. 

Bob Jorgensen

Such friendly and helpful staff. great place to visit with my son


it's fantastic, we always have so much fun. Saturday racing is worth the trip even if you are just watching. 
The banter and laughs all the racers have amongst each other is very entertaining.

Trece Borda

My wife took the kids during Christmas School holidays and they had a blast.  They then took me there and we have now found a good way to spend our Sundays as a family, doing race club. The staff are always friendly and have suggestions to help you get the best out of racing.
The food there is always great and a great price.
Well worth a visit.

John Radford

Took the family tonight (hubby, 10yo & 2yo) and we all had a blast! Lots of laughs and an afternoon of fun family competition never goes a stray. My 10yo loved it so much, he is planning on saving for his own slot car! 
The staff member who assisted us was SO helpful and accommodating. Even got our youngest a special controller to help his car stay on the track and a high chair so he could watch the track. 
We can’t wait to go wait! Highly recommend!!!

Liv Ingle

It was a real pleasure speaking to you this morning. It isn't often that people ever bother to give you their time. You gave me your time by truckloads and I will never forget that. Peter also kindly gave me great help on some technical questions Thursday. He was also so free with his time. What an amazing business that after all the years you have traded, you still care. I must say from the bottom of my Heart, Thank you. You did not know about how tough life has been and still is for me. The both of you have sincerely made me feel that someone still cares. I truly cannot thank you both enough.

Neil, Capalaba QLD

MrTrax: How good is the lane equalisation?

ScaleXseller: just brilliant! We had numerous races last night where the cars were totally even for a large portion of the racing due to the lane equalisation.

I am totally convinced this is the best 1/32 scale track system in Australia.


For all your slot car needs & service advice, I highly recommend you go and see the team at the new Hallam complex. From custom designed home tracks to large scale multi lane circuits, kids starter packs to pro racing setups, you don’t want to go anywhere else. They’re the best in the business.

Tony Dippa

I bought a small Track layout from Peter and it really is fantastic! Really good quality and looks fantastic! Having so much fun racing with my friends. I will definately be adding new sections down the track. Totally worth the money, cannot buy better!


Best place ever grandson loves it. Lost count how many times we’ve been there. The staff are awesome and make you feel so welcome.

Kathy Whatman

Took my sons and had a blast. Wonderfully friendly staff and a great atmosphere. We will be back!

Matt Newey

What an awesome way to entertain a bunch of 6-7yr old boys (and their parents). Peter and Debbie helped make my sons 6th birthday more than he could possibly imagine! The track was more than double the size I had in my imagination. It was incredible. The portable track is a brilliant way to host an awesome party and Peter did all the work! Today I felt like the best Mum in the world. And most of it was thanks to you guys xxx

Tahlia Sweatman

Had our son's party here and things couldn't have gone better.  Kids and the Bigger Kids all had such a good time. Food was fantastic, Staff were so helpful.
Can't wait to have our next party here


More than happy to spread the word on a great product, business and business owner

John C

I've just rediscovered Slot Cars after many years.
Love browsing all the new cars available on the website.
Ordering is so quick & easy 


I have just received my second MrTrax track - my first track was in mid-2018 and was a 1.2m x 5.6m 2 lane track which is inside the house and has worked very well.  Having been in the hobby for around 15 years (previous tracks have been plastic or routed copper tape) I have been very impressed with Peter’s routed braided tracks which are extremely well built, easy to put together and have worked faultlessly.  I am keeping that track and have now added another track - a 3.6m x 4.7m 2 lane track in a U shape (40m length to each lane).  Both tracks have the crossovers, plus Peter also supplied me with power supplies, fully set-up controller consoles and the Trackmate timing system so everything is basically pre-built – just plug in and play.  The tracks are also well protected for transport and arrived in perfect condition.  Having dealt with Peter and his team over the last few years, including purchases of tracks, slot cars and parts, I can fully recommend Peter and his products – they are of very high quality and great fun to race.  Bob, mid-coast NSW.


A great place to spend with Good friends and have lots of fun for all. Drag Racing on Friday night is Lot's of Fun

Snowy Rackley

Get down to Mr Slot Car for a race and a fun time! Great food and coffee too!

Cherie Murgia

This place is cool. Now I'm not a full on geek but i love how this place is for everyone. I look forward to going to the track on the weekend. The staff are always friendly and Deb makes a mean coffee. 

Tamika Babb

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