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MT-C-HSS+ Hybrid Starter Set with 2 cars and controllers

MT-C-HSS+ Hybrid Starter Set with 2 cars and controllers


This Hybrid PLUS Controller Panel has holders for 6 wired or wireless controllers and mounts directly on the side of any track module. Included with this PLUS model is the Carrera Console and two analogue sockets. Now you can run Carrera digital cars or any standard analogue cars with the flick of a switch now mounted in the front of the panel.

There is also a 90cm long analogue power supply lead behind the panel which can be plugged into an external power supply like our Hop Wo Int #1288 variable Power Supply to run your analogue cars at different voltages. Or, plugged into the Carrera power supply via the sockets provided behind the panel, to run analogue only off the Carrera power supply.

The Hybrid+ Starter Set includes the Carrera digital console, 2 Carrera wired controllers, Carrera power supply and 2 Carrera digital cars that we have available at the time. (It does not include any analogue controllers or cars). The Console has long power leads fitted which connect to the under side of the track and power up the lanes. As well as 2 track sensors on fly leads which can be inserted into a number of different locations around the circuit to detect lap counts and lap times etc, in digital mode only. If you want to detect the analogue cars thru the Carrera console, you will need to upgrade to the Hybrid Evo controller Panel. To be released later this year.

If you already own a Carrera digital system and want to move over to the Hybrid modular system. We have a special in-house service, where we install your existing accessories and/or digital track sections into the Hybrid system. This of course will lower the final purchase price. To query this option, you need to call us on 03-9796-3830, and we'll discuss your options etc.

"We saved Richard Mac $420 on his new system"

NB:- This unit has been especially priced for Hybrid systems ONLY! And is not for sale separately!

The photos are examples of the finished product and do not include all of the controllers in the photo.


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    We ship regular orders within one business day

    Oversized and Bulky Track oders are shipped POA. Please call for quote

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    Download a pdf with all of the track sections. Then print and cut them out to create a puzzle of track pieces to design your new layout

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