HOP WO INT 1288 Power Supply 5-15VDC (0-15 amps adjustable)

HOP WO INT 1288 Power Supply 5-15VDC (0-15 amps adjustable)

SKU: BUS00014


Input voltage: 220 - 240V AC 50 Hz

Output voltage: 5 - 15 V DC (Adjustable)

Output current: 0 - 15 A (Adjustable)

Dimensions: 134 x 123 x 75 mm

Weight approx.: 680 gr

Capable of running more than 10 Scalextric or Carrera cars at the same time.

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    Short circuit & current protection. Lightweight units.Compact dimensions. User-variable output voltage, 5-15 volt. User-variable current limiting. LED display can be set to indicate the selected voltage and current limiting. LED display also for reading off the actual voltage and actual current. An ideal power supply for slot car sets and many DC applications. Suitable for fast-charging 6V and 12V lead-acid batteries using the constant current / constant voltage process.


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