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1. During business hours till 5pm Sunday, June 2nd and shared with the public.

2. Exclusive practice for ALL entrants from10am-5pm on June 4 and 5.

3. Thursday June 6th from 10am-9pm is exclusively for Insterstate and Country entries ONLY!

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  1. Allowed NSR models:

    1. Ford GT40 MK I

    2. Ford GT40 MK II

    3. Ford GT40 MK IV

    4. Ford P68.

    5. Porsche 917K.

Porsche Cup.png
  1. Allowed NSR model:

    1. Any Porsche 997 GT3

    2. Side Winder or Angle winder.

  1. Allowed NSR models:

    1. Any Mosler MT 900R 25k Side Winder.

    2. Any Mosler MT 900R 21k Angle Winder

    3. EVO 3 and EVO 5 all allowed.

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 Follow the conversation and developments via the Australian NSR Championships - Facebook Group  

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