MR SLOTCAR-MB6SA 6mm Self adhesive Mag-Braid (sold by the metre)

MR SLOTCAR-MB6SA 6mm Self adhesive Mag-Braid (sold by the metre)



(The price may vary. It depends on the exchange rate at the time of the arrival of this new product)

We have sourced another manufacturer to exclusively produce, a great quality track braid with magnetic properties. And we called it Mag-Braid.

Its nominal size is 6.35mm wide x 0.6mm thick. Since the braid is a woven product, these dimensions are indicative only. They can vary in width between 6.0mm - 6.3mm. The thickness can also vary between 0.5mm - 0.8mm. The Mag-braid suits all types of slot car tracks, and is especially great on tracks where you need magnetic attraction. It's sold by the metre.

You'll get a perfectly flat finish with this self adhesive track braid. No messy glue or fussing with contact adhesive! It's what we use it in the factory producing MrTrax slot car circuits. It makes braiding a track so easy. Just tear off the backing paper and lay it down.

Don't forget to purchase our swivel head BRAID ROLLER to ensure the braid is pressed firmly into the braid recess for good adhesion.

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    You might need a Braid Roller to ensure the braid is firmly pressed into the braid recess.

    Forget Hot Glue! Forget messy contact adhesive! This is what you need.