MR SLOTCAR BRSW6 Swivel Head Braid Roller for 6mm Braid

MR SLOTCAR BRSW6 Swivel Head Braid Roller for 6mm Braid


This is definately one tool every home track owner should have, especially if you are building a track. Even if you have an established track, this braid roller will roll those nasty braid lifts away and keep your braid flat. The handle has a ribbed pattern for extra grip. The unique swivel head action means you don't have to steer the roller handle in the direction of the track. The swivel head self adjusts to every corner so all you have to do is push! Lowers the risk of RSI too. Watch the video!

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    Forget Hot Glue! Forget messy contact adhesive! This is what you need. Double Sided Tape. The stuff we use in our Track manufacturing facility.


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