SLOT.IT MX17 V12/4 Motor 29,000 rpm 160g*cm @12 vdc

SLOT.IT MX17 V12/4 Motor 29,000 rpm 160g*cm @12 vdc


V12/4 Motor 29,000 rpm 160g*cm @12 vdc

QUANTITY: 1 x V12/4 motor - no pinion or cable -
MAX. RPM: 29,000rpm @ 12vdc -
STALL TOURQUE: 160g*cm @12 vdc -
MOTOR SHAFT DIA.: 2mm x 9mm
MOTOR CAN: Universal Mabuchi style

The new 29K motor is exactly the same as the V12/3 (MX10) you're used to, except for two things:
1 - a different endbell, which is now a single piece in order to keep the brushes more firmly and hopefully have a more stable production.

2 - a electrical noise suppressor (varistor ring) inside the motor.
Performance wise, they are the same.

The V12 motor is an instant drop-in upgrade for most cars, thanks to its double shaft. Any V12 motor can be changed into a different configuration just by changing pinion side and/or dimension.

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