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MT-1LDK2 Single Lane Modular Drag Strip kit (Flat Pack) 2 sections

MT-1LDK2 Single Lane Modular Drag Strip kit (Flat Pack) 2 sections


This is a single lane drag strip kit in 2 sections made from 12mm mdf for the serious racer to build at home and test launch their drag cars. Total length of 2 sections x 1.8m = 3.6m

(The main photo shows the Drag strip assembled and undercoated for clarity.)

We try to keep at least one 2-piece strip in stock all the time.

Please phone (03-9796-3830) ahead to check if we have one in stock.

Includes ...

  • 2 unpainted and un-assembled track sections each 180cm long routed and recessed.
  • 2 pairs of 83mm tall side walls 180cm long.
  • Our MrTrax coupling system which we have attached.
  • 4 sets of toggle clamps with screws.
  • 8.0 metres of 6.3mm wide self-adhesive braid.
  • Selectable shutdown zone in 3 different modes (dynamic braking).
  • Optional flat pack legs are also available. You'll need 2 legs per section.
  • You can add more sections at any time to lengthen the strip or braking zone.
  • You might also want a 1,000-watt 12-30 Volt DC power supply to launch power hungry drag motors. Available here!

Each module is 180cm long. The sides are 83mm tall and are rebated to fit snuggly on the sides of the track keeping it straight and true. They have our very own coupling system which ensures a pure flat and reliable electrical connection every time. The 2 toggle clamps on each module ensure the sections stay locked together. We have added a unique system under each section to determine which module will have the shutdown zone (Dynamic Braking).

All you need now is a flat surface to place the test strip onto and lock together as many sections as you want. You can now make unlimited changes to your car and test launch it until you have the right balance. Now you're ready for the green light at your local Drag Racing club.


    Call 03-9796-3830 during business hours

    Closed Mondays, Tues & Wed 10-5, Thu & Fri 10-9, Sat 10-6, Sun 12-5

    We ship regular orders within one business day

    Oversized and Bulky Track oders are shipped POA. Please call for quote


    We try to keep stock always available. But Leads times can vary between 1-2 weeks. Call us for availability 03-9796-3830. We ship Australia wide and into New Zealand. For Australian customers we use Dougs Transport that specialise in handling furniture and collectibles door to door. They charge a little more, but the peace of mind is worth it! They work on a monthly rotation and thus deliveries will occur only on their scheduled date within that month. Call for a quote.

  • Lead time

    There is approx 1-2 weeks lead time from the date of purchase. 

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