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MT-DWC DRAGX Womp Chassis

MT-DWC DRAGX Womp Chassis

SKU: BUS00223
AU$22.00 Regular Price
AU$15.40Sale Price

MR TRAX - These Drag Chassis are sold flat. They snap apart in the centre. So need to cut them.

Just a bit of careful bending and you've got a customizable drag chassis.

Then solder piano wire (spring steel) runners down each side to create a single chassis.

It features many front axle positions and 2 axle heights in the rear pillars.

We now have re-introduced the square oilite holes for the Parma adjusta-bushings

The square oilite holes can still receive regular round 1/4" oilites as well.

The guide is also locked in place for drag racing.

Please note: The chassis does not come with any parts.

There is a photo of a drag car showing the DragX Womp chassis 




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  • Manufactured

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