MR SLOTCAR-TCB6 6mm Tinned Copper Track Braid

MR SLOTCAR-TCB6 6mm Tinned Copper Track Braid

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SOLD BY THE METRE. This braid has a nominal size between 6.0mm and 6.35mm wide x approx 0.8mm thick. Because the braid is a woven product, these dimensions are indicative only. The braid suits all types of slot car tracks. We recomend you purchase the DOUBLE SIDED TAPE, to stick your braid down. It's way better than hot glue or contact adhesive! You'll get a perfectly flat finish with the tape. Don't forget to purchase a BRAID ROLLER to ensure the braid is pressed firmly into the braid recess for good adhesion. And when you are ready for a Computer Timing system checkout the TRACKMATE systems we sell.

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  • Track Building Stuff

    You might need a Braid Roller to ensure the braid is firmly pressed into the braid recess.

    Forget Hot Glue! Forget messy contact adhesive! This is what you need. Double Sided Tape. The stuff we use in our Track manufacturing facility.