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DIFALCO-DD304 HD30 Genesis 2 Controller

DIFALCO-DD304 HD30 Genesis 2 Controller

SKU: DD304

DD304 Genesis 2, HD30. All the features of the DD303 but with added Traction Control feature that shifts the sensitivity range for total speed control. 25 ohm brake rheostat. Comes standard with a 290 ohm network. Optional networks available. Copper alligator clips. Positive polarity only.

Computer designed and labeled circuit board. Wiper bands are nickel plated for durability.

Exclusive routed fiberglass frame is separate from the circuit board electronics. This allows for inexpensive upgrades in the future by simply replacing the circuit board.

Adjustable braking and sensitivity rheostats provide a wide adjustment range to match your car, track and driver characteristics for optimal racing performance.

Electronic auto reset brake and power fuses with reverse diode protection for reliability.

High amp transistor design is virtually maintenance free.

Acu-Pivot trigger pin with trigger ball bearings are standard! Ball bearings keep the wiper button firmly in contact with the wiper bands with zero trigger side play even after years of racing.

New remote cable design on the HD30 takes the heatsink weight off the main wires. The heatsink/transistor assembly can be hung from the hook up studs.

All our designs can be serviced, repaired or upgraded by any racer. No returning to the factory, like other controllers! This is important if you want to avoid other manufacturers costly repair bills or if you are in another country.

All relay models feature a 40 amp relay and 12 ga wires.

Parma handles are standard on all Difalco controllers. They are more comfortable to hold than that square handle brand!

Genesis HD30 controllers feature a thin multi-conductor cable design and our fantastic E.S.P. brake relay for excellent full brake response.

Genesis HD30 controllers are positive polarity only. Please see the Neo or ?E?motion controllers if you need dual polarity.

All controllers will work on 8 to 16 volts tracks.


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