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Where it all started From Mobile Raceways to MrSlotcar

Feb 25 2024

Many years ago, a very young boy was mesmerised by a slot car set on display in the MYER windows in Melbourne. During the family Sunday walk around the city shops in the 1960’s.  And magically on Christmas day, there it was, the very same slot car set.

Along with his younger brother, Peter began his passion for all things Slot cars. As he grew so did the love of slot cars. So did the size of the racetrack, as it began expanding and going from room to room.

The passion was still evident even through the young adult years. Building and experimenting with timber and hand routing tracks in the garage. Adding his own electrical timing systems and then developing software running on MicroBee PC’s.

In the mid 1990’s, a track was built and mounted on a very old wooden trailer just for the ease of moving it in and out of the home garage.  A neighbour across the road noticed the activity, and asked would you like to bring it along to the local schools, inaugural fair. The locals loved it and were soon asking for business cards for children’s birthday parties. Hence, Mobile Raceways Slotcars was born in May 1994.

In 2011 the name was simplified and morphed into MrSlotcar. MrSlotcar has a rich history of evolution and growth since its inception in 1994 as Mobile Raceways. As the business grew over the years, it expanded its presence and established locations in various areas such as in “The Shed” in Cranbourne. In Narre Warren for 5 years, Dandenong for 16 years. And since 2017, MrSlotcar has been situated in their own purpose-built Raceway/Showroom in Hallam, Australia. With 800 square metres over two levels.

In March 2014 MrTrax was added to the MrSlotcar family for the purpose of building of CNC routed tracks. After moving into the new premises in Hallam in 2017, MrTrax made progressive and substantial improvements on the modular track system. And since, have produced over 550 modular track pieces for over 200 customers in homes and businesses all over Australia and New Zealand. From 2 lanes to 8 lanes. In digital and analogue. With many customers owning 10 or more modules. One customer has the record at 14 modules in his shed in NSW.

The company's commitment to providing high-quality products and exceptional services and professional staff, has all contributed to its success and longevity in the business.  With three decades of experience in the industry, MrSlotcar has solidified its position as a leader in retailing slot cars, hosting many national championships, current holder of the fastest ever qualifying lap on a Blue King track. Holder of the fastest ever pass on a scale ¼ mile drag strip. Hosting 1,000’s of birthday parties and on-site corporate functions. Designing and manufacturing world class MrTrax modular tracks.

Since the beginning, MrSlotcar has always strived to provide the best facilities and service from the Newbie to the Pro’s. And you can also enjoy the dining experience from the Licensed café!

Customers can rely on MrSlotcar for a premium slot car racing experience and a wide range of products to cater to enthusiasts of all levels. With a great online presence and following on Facebook.

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Fabulous place to take the kids for that special day out or just for fun!


It’s a great place and I hope it never stops 👍

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