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RMS-124C Snap-in 12-14 volt motor for Carrera D124

RMS-124C Snap-in 12-14 volt motor for Carrera D124


This drop-in 12-14 volt motor will replace the 18 volt motor in a Carrera 1:24 Car. Now you can run it on your 12 volt power supply with your 1:32 Cars. It is NOT recomended to run it on a Carrera 18 volt power supply! As it will cause damage to your motor. It comes with a pinion and wire leads and is plug and play.

The conversion couldn't be simpler- THIS MOTOR IS COMPLETE PLUG & PLAY WITH PINION AND WIRING HARNESS INSTALLED - just remove the Carrera motor and Drop the motor in place and PLUG IN the wiring harness - no soldering is required -. All bolts and connections are compatible with the OEM Carrera motors. No chassis modifications required. Compatible with analog (12-16 v) and digital (Carrera D132) power supplies. The motor bracket holds it in place perfectly. The RMS motor is "rated" at 12 volts, however it will accept up to 24 volts without melting down. If it is to be run on the 18 volt Carrera wall packs look out, it's too much! Even with the softest and stickiest urethane Tyres, 18 volts is too much. You will be able to run 4 cars with magnets without any problems. You won't need any adapter or aftermarket motor pod to make this work. Even without attaching the motor pod screws and they fit and mesh and work perfectly. This motor is your best choice for using the standard 12-14 volt power pack/transformer for your 1/24 cars. No longer do you need to purchase an aftermarket power supply to run your Exclusiv or D124 cars. Keep in mind Carrera's own Tuning motor rated 24K rpm at 18 volts, this motor is 30K rpm at 12 volts. It's more than twice as fast. But you will NEVER run it that fast. If you are running D124 you should turn the power down to 40-50% and this motor still provides amazing torque for drifting through turns, magnets or no magnets. It will work with Exclusiv cars also.

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