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MJK-4139 Tyre - 1/24 Carrera Porsche 997 (refer to 4137)

MJK-4139 Tyre - 1/24 Carrera Porsche 997 (refer to 4137)


Replacement tyres (2 pcs)

These tyres are the same as 4137, 4138 and 4139

Suitable for ...

4137 1/24 Carrera Audi R8 GT3 (same as 4138/9)
4138 1/24 Carrera Corvette C7R (refer to 4137)
4139 1/24 Carrera Porsche 997 (refer to 4137)

And Others


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    We ship regular orders within one business day

    Oversized and Bulky Track oders are shipped POA. Please call for quote

  • Can't find it?

    The video shows how to measure your tyre and rim correctly. Then forward the measurements onto us via email ... with the 6, or as many dimensions as possible. And we'll get back to you with an alternative.

  • Tyre Dimensions

    These Tyres are the same as 4137, 4138, 4139

    A. Step diam 25.5

    B. Rim Diam 21

    C. Step Width 8.5

    D. Rim Width 13

    E. Tyre Diam 29

    F. Tyre Width 14

  • Details

    Australian made. Used at National competition level and by the top racers. Excellent grip on most track surfaces. Easily true's up and remains grippy!

    MJK Tyres have 2 faces - a front and a back face. The front face is smooth, airhole free and nicely rounded for appearance and should be mounted on the outside of the rim. The other face will have airholes and trim marks where it is cut from the mould. This should be mounted on the inside of the rim for appearance sakes and protection from hitting things that may cause injury to the tyre. This will protect the tyre integrity. Selecting the wrong tyre will reduce the longevity of the tyre.

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