CARBITOOL-T218MX 18mm Tungsten Carbide Bit w/3mm guide pin

CARBITOOL-T218MX 18mm Tungsten Carbide Bit w/3mm guide pin


18mm Tungsten Carbide Router bit. 2 flute slotting cutter on a 1/4" Shank.

MrSlotcar has installed a 3mm guide pin to follow your 1/8" track slot.

It will cut a 7.4mm braid recess on either side of a 1/8" (3.175mm) slot.

This will leave 6.3mm wide braid approx 1.0mm in from the edge of the slot. And will reduce the incidence of braid lifting when cars deslot.

The braid recess depth depends on the thickness of the braid. The optimal braid recess depth should be 0.25mm plus the thickness of the braid and adhesive. So that the track braid will finish 0.25mm below the track surface once installed.

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    Carbitool (Aust) and 3mm guide pin added by Mr Slotcar

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