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TRACKMATE-GANTRY2 LED Gantry for 2 Lanes

TRACKMATE-GANTRY2 LED Gantry for 2 Lanes


*** This is a non-stock item. 10-21 Days lead time required after you place the order ***

Gantry (Bridge) Uses infrared LEDs for light source. Recommended when using infrared sensors for lap counting.

The 2 LED's are spaced in the Gantry to suit a Carrera track. They can however, be unsoldered, moved and re-soldered in different locations to suit your Track Lane Spacing.

NOTE: Care must be taken when relocating LEDs as polarity orientation is important.

The Gantry legs (feet) are approx. 48mm from the outside lane slots.

*** Does NOT includes a DC adapter *** Sold separately ***

Requires an Australian approved 12VDC (Min.400mA) adapter.

We have them available here in the Trackmate Section to purchase.

Or you can choose to provide your own 12VDC source.


    Call 03-9796-3830 during business hours

    Closed Mondays, Tues & Wed 10-5, Thu & Fri 10-9, Sat 10-6, Sun 12-5

    We ship regular orders within one business day

    Oversized and Bulky Track oders are shipped POA. Please call for quote

  • Ordering and Shipping

    These units are custom ordered and take approx. 10-21 days under normal circumstances to arrive (outside of COVID conditions). Then we post next day between Tuesday to Friday. We're closed Mondays!

  • Manufactured

    Made in Canada by Trackmate

  • Pricing

    Pricing may vary anytime according to the current exchange rate.

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