SLOT.IT SP23 - Motor Mount shape 2.5g Tungsten Ballas

SLOT.IT SP23 - Motor Mount shape 2.5g Tungsten Ballas


QUANTITY: 1 x Tungsten Ballast2.5 grams, magnet shaped to fit in motor mount instead of the magnet.
NOTE: Non Lead Ballast - 70 % Heavier than Lead
Until recently lead was the material commonly used to weigh and balance the slot models. The toxicity of this metal is now out of the question - unfortunately, however, the dose considered critical has been significantly lowered, especially for children. It's a substance, in short, that is really really bad for your health.

So, how to replace lead? Plutonium and uranium, with their very high specific gravity, would be
ideal but are a bit dangerous ... and hard to find.

Gold would be perfect: dense, non-toxic, if it only wasn't so expensive ....

The Tungsten ballast answer all three questions: non-toxic, weights as much as uranium, and does not cost as dear as gold.

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