SLOT.IT-SIWH1212-AL 2 x 15 x 9.5mm wheels - sponge tyre

SLOT.IT-SIWH1212-AL 2 x 15 x 9.5mm wheels - sponge tyre


USE: These wheels are for use with the new Sponge tyres (PT1209SP30). Specifically designed with sidewalls to keep the sponge tyre in place without the use of glue.SIZE: 15.0mm dia x 9.5mm width x 1.5mm. These wheels are equivalent to conventional versions with 17.3mm outside diameter.AXLE DIA: For 3:32", 2.38mm AxlesQUANTITY:2 x Aluminium Wheels2 x M2 set screwsThese wheels are designed to look great too. They may house any kind of insert with 17.3mm diameter or smaller.Following many requests effective 1 January 2017, have changed the codes for their wheels to make to easier to know what wheel you are purchasing.Here is how it works: have taken the three important dimensions (diameter, width, hub thickness), and used them to create the code.For example, the wheel WH1110-Al is 17.3mm diameter, 8.2mm width, 1.5mm hub: it becomes W17308215AW for wheeldiameter in mm 17.3 --> 173)width in mm 8.2mm --082)hub thickness in mm 1.5mm -- 15A for aluminium

Previous code WH1048-AL.

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