REVOSLOT-0069 Future Release Ferreri F-40 Full White Kit

REVOSLOT-0069 Future Release Ferreri F-40 Full White Kit


RS0069 Ferreri F-40 Full White Kit Due May/June - No Subscriber discount available on this car


The White Kit version of the new Ferrari F40 GT Car. The Chassis is supplied assembled, with an unassembled white Body in Kit form. Requires assembly and Paint to complete.

Revo Slot

The Revo Slot Car Company was formed in partnership with BRM, with the aim of producing High Quality 1/32 Scale Slotcars for the Racer or Enthusiast.

The BRM developed chassis consists of a, CNC Aluminium Chassis with a floating body mount system. The chassis is fitted with Aluminium Axle Carriers and Motor Mounts with Aluminium wheels Front and Rear. The car is also supplied with Ball Bearings fitted front and rear with a Spring Swivel Guide. A deep guide for wooden routed tracks is also supplied with the Car.

The Revo Slot Cars are very well designed and constructed, with excellent paint finish and tampo printing. They perform well and are great to drive. They have very rapidly become very popular among Racers and Enthusiasts a like.


The Ferrari F40 is a mid engine rear wheel drive sports car that was built to celebrate Ferrari’s 40th Anniversary. It was designed by Pininfarina, and it was the last Ferrari vehicle that was personally approved by Enzo Ferrari. The F40 model title was derived from F, for Ferrari and 40 for the fortieth Anniversary. It was also the last new car presentation attended by Enzo Ferrari before his death in August 1988. It was credited as being the first production car to break the 200 mph figure.

The F40 has a tubular Steel Chassis, with composite elements (Carbon Fiber and Kevlar) bonded to the chassis frame for additional strength and rigidity. It was one of the first cars to utilise composite body panels. It is powered by a Fuel Injected, twin turbocharged, 2936cc V8 Engine, with a claimed power output of 478 bhp (351.5kW) at 7000rpm with 426 lb-ft of torque.

The LM and GT-E racing versions were developed by Micelotto.

Key Features

White Kit
Body Requires Paint and Assembly
Assembled Rolling Chassis
Highly Detailed
Lightweight Interior with Driver figure
Anodised CNC Aluminium Chassis with floating body mount
Precision Ball Bearings front and Rear
Aluminium Wheels Front and Rear
Aluminium Motor mount and Axle carriers
Age Suitability 14+

Safety Notice: Warning! This product is not suitable for children under 14 years


Motor: Revo Slot 21 000rpm FK130 Motor 200gcm @ 12v
Motor Configuration: Rear Mounted Angle Winder Motor with Rear Wheel Drive
Pinion: 12T Brass
Spur Gear: 33T
Gear Ratio: 12:33
Bushes: Ball Bearings Front and Rear
Guide: Spring Swivel Guide (20.6 x 6mm Fitted + Deep Guide Supplied)
Magnatraction: No (Rectangular Traction Magnet Supplied)
Overall Length: 140 mm
Wheelbase: 75 mm
Car Width: 65 mm
Car Height: 35 mm
Weight: 104 g
Body Weight: 29g
Axle/Hub Width: 59 mm Front and 65.5 mm Rear
Axle Diameter: 3mm Hardened Steel
Wheels: Aluminium 14.8 x 9.35 mm front and 14.8 x 10.5 mm Rear
Front Tyre Diameter and Width: 20 x 9.0 mm
Rear Tyre Diameter and Width: 21 x 10.5 mm
Digital: No but Upgradeable
Body: High Detail body
Driver: Driver figure
Lights: No
Class: GT
Scale: 1/32


1 x RS0069 Revo Slot Ferrari F40 – White Kit
1 x Deep Wood Guide
1 x Rectangular Magnet

Model: RS0069
Issued: September 2020
Shipping Weight: 0.40kgs
Manufactured by: Revo Slot

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