NSR-0185SW Future Release Porsche Bosch Kauhsen team winner Nurburgring 1973 #2

NSR-0185SW Future Release Porsche Bosch Kauhsen team winner Nurburgring 1973 #2


NSR 0186SW Porsche 917/10K Bosch Kauhsen Yellow team winner Nurburgring Interserie 1973 #2  ETA May 2021


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NSR's objective is to make a Classic car using modern technology, so high tech �Ready To Race�. It needed to be competitive straight out the box.

The Porsche 917/10K is an innovative model with high tech components, highly performing on track still respecting the scale modelist aspect. Porsche 917/10K comes in sidewinder setup.

The motor is Shark 21.5 EVO which has 21900 rpm @ 12 Volts 164 gr/cm.

NEW racing bushings for Motor mount EVO

The Porsche 917/10K was created in the streamline of the Mosler GT project which has dominated in the GT top class either in National and International competitions since it was born in 2006.

In according with our NSR philosophy, we have worked to obtain the best performances without any compromise.

The NSR �Classic� model cars are without doubts the fastest in the world.

Racing NSR organises endurance races in any Country where NSR exports cooperating with National Distributors and involving either professional drivers then any enthusiastic fan.

All NSR cars are produced and tested exclusively into NSR Factory and only.


MONTH: April

ENGINE SW: Shark EVO 21,5 21.900 rpm

WIDTH: 65mm

HEIGHT: 30.8mm

LENGTH: 134mm




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