MR TRAX-CSET3350 Hybrid TRACK- Race up to 6 cars plus 2 ghost cars

MR TRAX-CSET3350 Hybrid TRACK- Race up to 6 cars plus 2 ghost cars

AU$2,310.00 Regular Price
AU$2,195.00Sale Price

This Hybrid digital track comprises of 2 track tables only, and one of them has  a really long Pit Lane to accomodate 6 cars. The 5% discount on this track is a Special offer for new Hybrid digital track buyers. The track is 3.35m x 1.2m and has a circuit length of 11.87mts. This dynamic system is beautifully decorated in up to 6 different colours. You can add extra analogue or Hybrid digital track sections (tables) at any time from the wide range of track pieces off this website.


The lanes are currently braided with magnabraid, pitched at 100mm, so you can run 1:43, 1:32 and 1:24 scale cars. Each section (table) has side walls of 150mm wide which are 50mm above the track surface. The track is mounted on good quality steel folding legs. The tables are toggle clamped together underneath the track. So no need for tools or connectors to assemble your new track. And it can be stored away in seconds! 


The system runs off a Carrera digital console. You can run your favourite Carrera digital cars, or any other branded 1:32 or 1:24 scale slot cars chipped with a suitable carrera digital chip. One of the  tables comes with a double Lane Change which can be unscrewed from underneath, and rotated 180 degrees if you want to run in the opposite direction (NB:- the electrical track connections from the Carrera console will also have to be re-arranged if you are reversing the direction). The other table has a single lane change and a long Pit Lane. All in all, you can have up to 8 cars circulating this track. 6 race cars and 2 ghost cars in 1:32 scale (the pre programmed ghost cars will randomly change lanes).


If you wish to upgrade to the CSET3350X, you will get a Starter Set (CHSS) which includes 2 Carrera digital cars, 2 wired controllers, a power supply and the Carrera console mounted on a MR TRAX Hybrid panel which has storage for 6 controllers and easily mounts on the side of the racetrack.


To help you design your layout. There is a photo of track pieces we produce. Print it out and cut out e