MR TRAX-CDEMO Hybrid Prototype track with 1 Double Lane Change

MR TRAX-CDEMO Hybrid Prototype track with 1 Double Lane Change

AU$875.00 Regular Price
AU$699.00Sale Price

SPECIAL PRICING - A one-off 90cm Hybrid prototype section. It has a double Lane Change and a Start section installed and is offered at $175 under the RRP. So here?s your opportunity to start racing digital cars on a Mr Trax Hybrid system. You can immediately run Carrera digital cars. Also, Scalextric,, Pioneer etc will run on the Mr Trax Hybrid system after fitting a suitable Carrera digital chip.

As you browse thru the Mr Trax modular track sections (analogue or digital). You will find a great variety of extra track sections available. There is no limit on how many track sections you can join. You will not experience power losses like Plastic track systems. (We once connected 31 tables to prove how fantastic the MR TRAX connectivity is over plastic track)

The lanes are pitched at 100mm apart. This allows you to race 1:24 scale cars also. Each section has side walls of 150mm wide which are 50mm above the track surface. The track is mounted on good quality steel folding legs, which lock in place for great stability. The tables are toggle clamped together underneath the track. So, no need for tools or connectors to assemble your new track. And it can be stored away in seconds.
To help you design your layout for the area you have proposed. There is a photo of all the track pieces. Print it out and cut out each individual track section to create a puzzle, so you can arrange the pieces and start designing your track layout.

There are lots of reasons to convert your MR TRAX 2 lane track into an awesome Digital Hybrid racetrack. And race up to 6 cars...

  1. Carrera have a FREE App thru the App store to manage the cars and racing data from your phone etc.
  2. You will get better functionality for serious racing (Sector times etc.)
  3. Depending on the driver?s ability and skill, the speed can be individually adjusted with up to 10 levels
  4. Simple vehicle coding using the manual control unit.
  5. Carrera Digital cars can be used on Analogue tracks.
  6. Pace car and autonomous (ghost car) car function.
  7. Adjustment option for the maximum speed and braking behaviour of the vehicles
  8. Pitstop lane as an accessory, maximum fuel tank capacity of the vehicles can be varied
  9. Wireless Controllers (Rechargeable.)
  10. App connect - Connect the power base to the Carrera App for real time racing information.
  11. Most Carrera digital cars are equipped with front and rear brake lights.
  12. Digital lane changing - this is what makes racing multiple cars on 1 or 2 lanes possible.
  13. Brake Performance - Control how quickly you would like your car to "brake" when you let off the gas.
  14. Digital Lap Counting - Records laps and times for each individual car on the track.
  15. Position Tower - Displays each car's position while the race is on!
  16. Pit Stops - race your cars in "Real Fuel" mode - you will need pit during the race so you don't run out of gas!
  17. Driver Displays - View your car's fuel level during the race.
  18. You can also run non-Carrera cars as long as they have a suitable Carrera chip installed. Including, Scalextric, Pioneer, etc


1. If you are an existing lucky MR TRAX track owner (And there are almost 100 of you!). Grab the one-off prototype Hybrid track section. Add the starter set option which includes 2 cars, 2 controllers and a power supply. That is all you need to race on the Hybrid system. Then install it into your layout (Click. Click. You?re ready!) Now you can race up to 6 cars plus 2 ghost cars at once!

2. If you are contemplating a complete Hybrid Track and found one that you like. You automatically get our 5% discount offer on the Track. Plus, another $175 saving offered on the one-off prototype Hybrid section. Be sure to add the Starter Set if you need one?

3. If you already have a Carrera digital track and you want the smoothest and most reliable racetrack system. We can install your digital components and significantly reduce the cost of the Hybrid system for you. Call 03-9796-3830 to discuss.

Online, we have 4 Hybrid SETS and 4 Hybrid TRACKS, including individual Track sections. Be sure to select a TRACK not a SET! Or you will double up on the digital console if you are adding the Prototype section.

Warning: This hobby is seriously addictive. You might need a larger house or bigger Man cave!

PS: One guy now has 14 tables in his shed! OMG!

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  • Video

    Our video takes you thru the different stages of upgrading and demonstrates the ghost cars, pit lane and lane changing etc. Its a MUST watch!

  • Quality materials

    The clear engraved fencing is made from tough polycarbonate.

    The white lane bordering, is a plastic moulding that we inlay so the white borders never wear off!

    Even the ripple strips are engraved into the track surface, adding to the realism.

    Some track sections have painted Sand traps. Whilst all have Green Infields.

  • Download

    Download a pdf with all of the track sections. Then print and cut them out to create a puzzle of track pieces to design your new layout