MR TRAX-C-HSS Hybrid Starter set complete

MR TRAX-C-HSS Hybrid Starter set complete


If you're purchasing your first MR TRAX Hybrid digital track set, you'll need this Controller Panel. It has been especially priced for the Hybrid systems ONLY! And is not for sale separately!

The Controller Panel comes complete with a Carrera digital console, 2 wired controllers, power supply and 2 digital cars. (Costed separately without the Panel. These items are valued over $525).  It also has holders for 6 Carrera analogue or digital controllers and the panel mounts directly on the side of any track module. The Console has long power leads fitted which connect to the under side of the track. As well as 2 track sensors on leads which can be inserted into a number of different locations around the track (the various  locations depend on which modules you have) to detect lap counts and lap times etc.

If you already own a Carrera digital system and want to move over to the MR TRAX Hybrid modular system. We have a special service, where we install your existing accessories and/or digital track sections into the Hybrid system. This of course will lower the final purchase price. To query this option, you need to call us on 03-9796-3830, and we'll discuss your options etc.

  • Need Help

    Last resort and desperate for help! Call us on 03-9796-3830 during normal business hours. Tuesday - Sunday. Check the Contact page for opening hours.

  • Amazing facts

    As a demonstration of how fantastic this system is. We connected 31 tables creating a 83 metre circuit. There was no noticeable power loss or "soft" spots! There is no plastic track system that performs like a Mr Trax system!

    We have proudly built over 65 sets so far in the last 2 years to happy customers all over Australia and New Zealand.

  • Savings

    If you bought these items separately, you would have paid over $625.

    This deal only applies to a Hybrid track order. And is not sold separately.


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