MR TRAX-4LSET(E,F,LA) Modular Track system - 4 Lanes (5 tables)

MR TRAX-4LSET(E,F,LA) Modular Track system - 4 Lanes (5 tables)


This quality 5 piece modular track system with a bridge section by MR TRAX is 4.6m x 2.4m, and has a circuit length of 14.55mts. The 4 lanes are lane coloured and matched with the controller panels for easy lane identification. This set is a figure of 8 design. So now all 4 lanes are the same length. Even after you add extra track sections, all lanes will always remain the same length. This dynamic track system is beautifully decorated in up to 6 different colours. You can add extra track (table) sections at any time to expand your layout. Almost any brand of slot car with or without magnets runs well on the Magnabraid tracks. The lanes are pitched at 100mm so you can run 1:43, 1:32 and 1:24 scale cars. Each section (table) has side walls of 150mm wide which are 50mm above the track surface. The track is mounted on good quality steel folding legs. The tables are toggle clamped together underneath the track. So no need for tools or connectors to assemble your new track. It can be stored away in seconds!

To help you design your dream layout. There is a photo of all the track pieces. Print it and cut out each individual track section to create a puzzle. Then you can arrange the pieces to create your preferred layout. Watch the video to see how you can convert a 4 Lane track back into 2 lanes, by simply exchanging one end piece. This is a great innovation by Mr Trax, for those moments when only 2 people are using the track. Now you get to double the lane length for each driver and utilise the whole track.

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  • Shipping

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  • Video

    The video was taken in the dispatch area of our factory. We are demonstrating the track with cars running. As well as the Computer timing system and other accessories.

  • Amazing facts

    As a demonstration of how fantastic this system is. We connected 31 tables creating a 83 metre long table. There was no noticeable power loss or "soft" spots! There is no plastic track system that performs like a Mr Trax system!

    We have proudly built over 100 sets so far to happy customers all over Australia and New Zealand. Most of them have already added one or more modular section.

  • Quality materials

    The clear engraved fencing is made from tough polycarbonate.

    The white lane bordering, is a plastic moulding that we inlay so the white borders never wear off!

    Even the ripple strips are engraved into the track surface, adding to the realism.

    Some track sections have painted Sand traps. Whilst all have Green Infields.

  • Download

    Download a pdf with all of the track sections. Then print and cut them out to create a puzzle of track pieces to design your new layout