MrTrax 4L-CP Controller Panel - Lanes 1 and 2 or Lanes 3 and 4 with Lane Colours


You will need 2 of these for a 4 Lane track. The controller panels have coloured rings around each socket, and matches the Mr Trax lane colours for easy lane identification (Green/Orange and Blue/Yellow). If you are purchasing these controller panels for your own track (not a Mr Trax product), then be sure to indicate which colours you would like as coloured rings around each socket, in the "Got any questions?" box.

Next, plug the DC power lead from controller panel#1 into controller panel #2. Then plug the DC power lead from controller panel #2 into your power supply, add your controllers and go!

BTW: The sockets are wired the same as the commercial slot car raceways in South Australia, Victoria, NSW and Queensland. Now you can use your controllers at home as well as at these commercial raceways.

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  • Made to order

    We usually have them in stock. Otherwise, it only takes 2-3 days to ship.

  • Accessories

    A Variable POWER SUPPLY 5-15 Volt DC (15 amps) $79

    25 Ohm Controllers with plugs fitted. $89

    TRACKMATE computer timing system.

    If you want a Trackmate system, please hit this link for the 4 Lane Controller Panel designed for the Trackmate version.


  • Please Note

    This controller Panel is not suitable for a Trackmate installation, and does not come with the Trackmate system or any accessories. All the pictures are for reference ONLY!

  • Fitting

    The controller panels simply attach to the track sides as in one of the pictures. Just slide the bottom clamp upwards, then tighten the 2 screws on the front of the panel. It can be re-located anywhere around the track edges, as long as you can make the electrical connections to the underside of the track using the alligator leads, where the track braid is exposed (as in the picture). All you have to do now, is plug the DC power lead into your power supply, add your controllers and go! It can be retro-fitted to any Custom track system too.


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