MR SLOTCAR-MRS-DAWP Drag Angle Wind Plus Chassis Kit

MR SLOTCAR-MRS-DAWP Drag Angle Wind Plus Chassis Kit

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These Drag Chassis Plus kits, suit Drag cars with an Anglewind Motor set up, and include everything you need to complete a full chassis plus more. They come flat packed to reduce postage. The Motor / Axle bracket requires folding, which you can do carefully by hand as in the attached photos. The motor bracket also has an adjustable hinge which you can set at the right angle by bending it carefully to get the desired motor angle. Before you start bending, it's a good idea to give the parts a quick rub down with fine sandpaper whilst the parts are still flat, to improve the soldering process. Some of the photos are taken from the older version just to show how they go together. The latest version is the main photo and the photos with the purple background.


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  • Contents

    Mr Slotcar Drag Inline Flat kit

    1x JDS S/Steel Tubing .050"

    1x JDS S/Steel Tubing .065"

    2x JDS S/Steel Tubing .072"

    1pr Mr Slotcar Wheelie bar wheels

    4x Sonic .050" brass collets

    1x Guide and Nut

    1x 3/32" Axle and 1pr Oilites