MR TRAX-CEXT 1.5m double extension lead for (2) Carrera accessories

MR TRAX-CEXT 1.5m double extension lead for (2) Carrera accessories


Mr Trax has produced a 150cm extension lead with 2 sockets to power up any Carrera accessory. Such as the control tower, wireless charging base or the drivers displays etc. Now you have total freedom of placing these items anywhere around your circuit, without dedicating it alongside a track section.

There are 2 sockets. The first is 1.5m from the aligator clips (where you hook up to 12VDC). And the second is another 75cm. So now you can charge the wireless controllers away from your circuit.

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  • Details

    The aligator leads are identified with a RED cover (positive connection) and a BLACK cover (negative connection).

    Incorrect connection could cause serious or irrepairable damage to your accessories if connected incorrectly. Consequently, we take no responsibility and offer no warranty if you make a dumb mistake!

    The leads are all pre-tested in our workshop on original Carrera accessories. Before they go on sale.

  • Download

    Download a pdf with all of the track sections. Then print and cut them out to create a puzzle of track pieces to design your new layout