MR SLOTCAR-LCPURPLE 4.0mm x 2.0mm Lane colour strips

MR SLOTCAR-LCPURPLE 4.0mm x 2.0mm Lane colour strips


Lane striping has never been so easy with our own lane colouring system. Once the slot has been cut, it's just a matter of pressing or rolling in the plastic lane colour strips. It also has the added benefit when re-painting your track. Simply pull the coloured strips out. Mask up the areas for painting. Then reinstall the lane colour strips. Job Done!

SOLD BY THE METRE. If you are ordering more than one colour? We will spool all the colours on one roll to reduce the postage fees.

We have 9 colours available @$0.55/metre. (Colour may vary slightly from the photo)

The nominal cross section size is approx 4.0mm x 2.0mm (dimensions can vary slightly)

The installation Process:

You can have either the 4mm face showing or the 2mm face showing. (See photos)

For a 4mm wide lane colour stripe: Cut a slot 4mm wide x 2.3mm deep

For a 2mm wide lane colour stripe: Cut a slot 2.3mm wide x 4.2mm deep.

Watch the video.

Cutters are available under the Track Construction tab