MJK-4297 Tyre - Carrera Ferrari F138 F1

MJK-4297 Tyre - Carrera Ferrari F138 F1


Replacement tyres (4 pcs)

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  • Details

    Australian made. Used at National competition level and by the top racers. Excellent grip on most track surfaces. Easily true's up and remains grippy!
  • Can't find it?

    The video shows how to measure your tyre and rim correctly. Then forward the measurements onto us via email ... info@mrslotcar.com with the 6, or as many dimensions as possible. And we'll get back to you with an alternative.

  • Compatibility

    These Tyres are the same as N/A

  • Tyre Dimensions

    A. Step diam 17.5

    B. Rim Diam 12

    C. Step Width 6.8

    D. Rim Width 11.7

    E. Tyre Diam 20.9

    F. Tyre Width 12.3