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MAGNETIC RACING-041t Container Toilet Block (20ft)

MAGNETIC RACING-041t Container Toilet Block (20ft)

SKU: MAG-041t

Not Painted

Our 1:32 Scale Small Container MDF Model Kits which are true to scale and, to make it more realistic, it has most of the markings you would expect to see on a shipping container.

Give your race fans somewhere to go between races.


This toilet block container has a detailed interior; including a sinks, toilet cubicles and even 2 3d printed urinals for the gents side.
Did you know we sell toilet items, so if you want to upgrade the interior of your toilet block, check them out HERE

Easy to build with detailed instructions.

Product size?s: Container on its own 193mm long , 125mm wide (including the step), 111mm high




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