DS 3503E 25 Ohm Hand Controller - Orange (8 colours available)


Third generation economy controllers from DS Racing Products. Its main feature is the PCB board with 16 points of contact for greater sensitivity. Also, there are 8 colours as used on Commercial Slot Car tracks. They are suitable for low powered motors used in 1:32 motors and 1:24 scale slot cars.

The Controller does not have a connector plug. Can be used on many track systems with a properly fitted plug. Choosing the right resistance (ohms): All DS controllers produce the same top power. The ohm is simply the sensitivity of the controller. For example, 25ohm is more sensitive (faster throttle response) and 55ohm is the least sensitive. For Scalextric home circuits we use the 25 ohm version, but it all depends on the track layout and driver preference.

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  • Details

    1 x 25 Ohm Economy Hand Controller with brake and replaceable resistors
    Resistance: 25 ohms (suitable for low powered motors used in 1:32 motors and 1:24 scale slot cars)
    Eight colours available: yellow, green, blue, orange, red, purple, black, clear.
    Cable length 70cm without plugs. For use on analogue tracks only!
    Important: Using powerful engines and strong magnets may over heat and damage the controller.

    Designed for comfort, grip and for 1 or 2 finger driver style.

    2 selectable spring tensions

    Operating voltage is between 10 and 20 DC volts


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