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SLOT.IT-CH109E HRS2 RTR Chassis (Inline)

SLOT.IT-CH109E HRS2 RTR Chassis (Inline)


The HRS2 chassis is a fully adjustable which allows you to attach your own body.
This has an Inline Offset set-up with 0.5mm offset Motor Mount
HEIGHT: 19mm
LENGTH: 64 - 90mm
WIDTH: 56 - 61mm
MOTOR: V12/4 23,000rpm
MOTOR MOUNT: CH110 Inline Offset 0.5mm
FRONT RIMS/TYRES: 15.8 x 8.2; PT1159C1 tyres
REAR RIMS/TYRES: 15.8 x 8.2; PT1159C1 tyres
MAGNET: ND magnet included
This item is fitted with the quick connectors for easy digital chip assembly.
The advantages of this setup include:
- adjustable wheelbase
- selectable front axle position
- flexible assembly system


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