CARRERA 62518 GO!!! Disney Pixar Rocket Racer

CARRERA 62518 GO!!! Disney Pixar Rocket Racer


Attention hot engines!

Now a gear is shifted up: Lightning McQueen and Jackson Storm go full throttle again!

This time in the new, pimped sports car look and a lot of turbo. On the 5.3 meter long racetrack, you first go up like a rocket, via a fly-over and then directly into the action-packed loop. Then it goes into the dark, through the tunnel, over the intersection and then only gas, gas, gas!

Careful - hot engines! Mover into a higher gear: Lightning McQueen and Jackson Storm are racing at full throttle yet again!

This time in a new, revamped sports car look with lots of turbo power. On the racetrack measuring 5.3 meters / 17.38 ft. In length, we start off like a rocket, over a fly-over, then directly into the action loaded loop. We then disappear into the dark, through the tunnel, over the crossroads, then it's all about speed!


  • 1 Disney Pixar Lightning McQueen Rocket Racer 64163
  • 1 Disney Pixar Jackson Storm Rocket Racer 64164
  • 4 straight lines 342 mm
  • 1 straight 114 mm
  • 6 curves 90
  • 8 lopping parts
  • 1 connecting rail New model Art. No. 61666
  • 1 lap counter mechanical
  • 2 Turbo hand controls New model Art. No. 61663
  • transformer
  • Column set New model
  • Track section locks
  • Guardrails
  • Spare grinder
  • Replacement guide keels
  • operation manual
  • Construction dimensions: 160 x 95 cm
  • Track length: 5.30 m
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