AMT 991 65 Pontica Grand Slam Model Kit 1/25

AMT 991 65 Pontica Grand Slam Model Kit 1/25


The KATs at AMT have done some work to improve another perennial favorite! Several clear parts have been retooled including the custom headlight covers and bonus water bottle from the original kit?s road testing accessories! Two versions will be available: the Original Art Series edition complete with frame-worthy art print and bonus drag slicks and a Retro Deluxe? issue complete with all the vintage vibe the series has become known for!


  • 1/25 scale, skill 2
  • Stock and multiple body customizing options
  • Retro Deluxe? standard box edition molded in teal pearl with mini box
  • Both versions include bonus original issue?s ?road test? accessory parts
  • Optional tires, wheels, motor intakes and more
  • Colorful decal sheet graphics





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