AMT-769 1940 Gene Winfield 1940 Ford Sedan Delivery Model Kit 1/25

AMT-769 1940 Gene Winfield 1940 Ford Sedan Delivery Model Kit 1/25


Gene Winfield, Proud owner of the wild yellow '40 ford Sedan Delivery featured in the kit. Geen Windiled is on of the truly big names in automotive customising.  Gene's career goes back to the early days of custom cars and among his many innovations is the art of "fogging" or blending different colours smoothly for fantastic paint effects.  Gene has built or painted everthing from dragsters to Detroit "dream cars."  A few of his own creatins include the "Strip Star" "Jade Idol" and "Reactor"  In the 1960's, Gene moved from his Modesto, Californa shop to head AMT's speed and custom division in Phoenix, Arizona.  

In addition to producing AMT's famed full-size "Kit Car" the gull-wing Piranha Coupe, Gene has designed and built special vehicles for televison, movies and the auto manufacturers for over half a century.  All the original parts have been restored for this truly special edition of Gene's 1940 Ford Sedan Delivery.


Build it one of two ways Street/Strip


Street version includes

"Nerf" Bumpers , two engine options

Flathead ford V8 or Buick OHV V8 with tri-power

"Toronado" wheel covers

Dropped front axle

Engine Stand

Auxiliary Gauges


Strip Version includes


Keyston "Kustomag" Wheels

Competition fuel tank


Grille Filler

Fuel Injector and Blower Scoop

Roll Bar

Wild Decal


Special Features

Pre-Lettered M&H Drag Slicks





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