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TAMIYA - T87097 - Polyester Putty



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87097 - Tamiya Polyester Putty (40g)


(Features) This Quick Curing two part mix putty is designed for use with plastic models. It does not thin down after curing and is useful for filling holes or shaping after putting on models. Hardness of cured putty is almost the same as styrene resin, and can be shaped using modeling knife and Tamiya Finishing Abrasives. Cured and shaped putty can also be attached to model using CA Cement. This Putty can also be used fro repairing metal and wooden models. (How to Use), same length of putty and hardener on plastic plate, etc. Quick mix using spatula type tool. Appropriately mixed colour is similar to the colour of the putty tube cap. It will begin to hardening in 5-10 Minutes. Apply before putty has completely cured. The Putty will take approximately 60 minutes to dry. After curing, shape surface using a modeling knife or Tamiya Finishing Abrasive.


Tamiya Putty or surface primer is recommended to fill air bubbles or scratched after shaping polyester putty. (WARNING) Do not use near open flame or heat source. This product can be dangerous if exposed to steam for an extended period of time. Use and allow to dry I a well ventilated area. Wearing rubber gloves is recommended. Always wash your hands thoroughly after use. Keep out of reach of small children to prevent accidental ingestion. Empty the tube before disposal. Do not use the putty for any other purpose than modeling. Do not mix with undesignated materials. Mixed putty can not be recycled. Avoid contact with clothing as it cannot be removed. (First AID) If swallowed, immediately seek medical attention. Do not induce vomiting. If putty contact eyes, immediately flush with water and seek medical attention. If Putty contacts skin, wash with soap. Should you feel pain or have a skin disorder, seek medical attention

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