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AFC - 1710-H034 - 1700 Series MasterFoil® Plus Copper Tape 1/4"wide x 36 yards long (6.35mm wide x approx 33 metres)


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VEN-1710-H034 > 1.0 mil Masterfoil Copper Tape 1/4"wide x 36 yards long (6.35mm wide x approx 33 metres)

This 1/4" wide copper tape is ideal for rejuvenating old Scalextric / SCX / Ninco tracks where the metal rails have tarnished badly over the years. It's a simple job to apply the self adhesive copper tape and trim the excess off with a hobby knife or similar. It will restore your track almost better than new in some cases.

It's a good idea to apply the tape under normal conditions. ie: In temperatures around 20 degrees celsius. Otherwise the shrinkage and contraction rate of the copper tape in could result in the copper tape stretching or wrinkling excessively.

Specs: The copper foil is a special electrolytic grade copper foil, uniformly high tensile alloy with carefully controlled dead soft temper. This allows for tight conformation to cut edges and cast surfaces. The acrylic adhesive system is resistant to high temperatures such as those encountered in soldering.






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